Danara Pel Debuts Chilling New Sound with "OK Cool See You Soon"

            Houston-based rocker Clint Rater (bassist for Funeral Horse, drummer & backing vocalist for Jody Seabody & The Whirls) proves himself as Houston's Renaissance Man of Rock with the release of his newest goosebump-inducing single, "OK Cool See You Soon" under his new solo project, Danara Pel.

            The song opens with the gentle hypnotizing strums of an acoustic guitar accompanied by the soft & beautiful slide guitar performed by Bryce Perkins, Rater's bandmate from Jody Seabody & The Whirls. While the song's introduction may serve as a tonal surprise for listeners familiar with the heavy metal hits of Funeral Horse or the rocking psychadelia of Jody Seabody & The Whirls, Rater's raw & emotional vocals backed by his own alluring harmonies sets the tone for Danara Pel's softer, lo-fi stylings that are sure to send chills racing down your spine.

            Rater invites listeners to interpret his often-haunting lyrics in "OK Cool See You Soon" however they please with dark foreboding imagery such as, "Used to think we had it all when my brains were on the wall," and, "Reaching down into your throat to pull out times that made you choke;" in fact, the entire single's beautiful prose and lyrical metaphors suggest that this is more than just a song - it's musical poetry.

            "OK See You Soon" is a short two minute and fifty-six second composition that's comprised of just sixteen brilliantly written lines, but with forty seconds at the end of the song dedicated to ambient tone-setting noises following an anthemic musical climax that one can imagine thousands belting along to in a music festival some day, audiences for now are left begging for more music - a fitting debut for this musical jack of all trades.

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