Chaseon's "Just Give Me Some Time" Album Review: A Masterfully Crafted Collection of Genre-Spanning Songs

Written by Davis Mendoza Darusman
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Multi-talented Houston-based rapper and producer, Chaseon, 
demonstrates his remarkable musical versatility in his latest project, "Just Give Me Some Time," a stunning double album released on March 27th, 2023. Across 17 tracks that span various genres such as hip hop/rap, rock, EDM, and even 80's synth-pop, this album showcases Chaseon's musical range and adeptness in both production and lyricism - a testament to his growth as an artist and ability to convey deep emotions through his music.

    The album, Chaseon's fifth since his recording career began in 2016, consists of two distinct parts: "Just Give Me Some Time to Live," an upbeat collection of songs that explore the theme of "having fun after going through life’s struggles", and "Just Give Me Some Time to Reflect," a more pensive and introspective album that delves into the themes of mental health, self-discovery, finding happiness, and acceptance. Chaseon says he's glad people are enjoying the project that took him three years to make, and is excited about the amazing reception it has received.

"Most of the emotional songs were made during 2021 and the lit songs were made last year and earlier this year. Definitely a lot of emotions with this, and I’m glad to have finally put this out." - Chaseon


    "Wherever You Are," released as a single this year on Valentine's Day, is one of my favorites from the album. It's a synth-pop-inspired track with a vibe-fitting chopped-and-screwed ending that stands out as both quintessential Houston-rapper, and quintessential Chaseon. It also tells a "very, very, very sad story with a dope beat behind it that's gonna get the people dancing," as he shared on a behind the scenes breakdown of the song (follow him on Instagram!).

First part, "Just Give Me Some Time to Live" by Chaseon
[Apple Music]

    "Who Would've Thought" starts the album as an introduction to Chaseon's hardships and how he uses music to express his thoughts and find his passion, while "DFWV" takes us through his journey and hard work to create a better life for himself and his family, while encouraging others, "Don't Fuck With the Vibe!" "El Casa de Chase," his fun foray into EDM, and "Price Went Up" are both perfect workout songs, while "tequila" is a great track for those in their drunken feels (or even sober feels, tbh). 

    "Beautiful Soul" is a heartfelt and introspective song that reflects on personal growth, self-discovery, and the value of relationships, all delivered with an emotive and captivating vocal performance. As a happily soon-to-be married man, Chaseon is able to rap about these matters with ever-growing emotional maturity, while also drawing from his single days as a Washington Avenue-roaming player, evident in the three songs that follow "Beautiful Soul" - "Off a Vibe," a sensual and confident track about living in the moment and enjoying life's pleasures; "ms. myers '21," a chill, laid-back & catchy af song about indulging in desires and living life to the fullest; and, "Hoe Homies," a celebration of great friends, "spicy Latinas," and the many fun nights spent chasing after them.

Second part, "Just Give Me Some Time to Reflect" by Chaseon
    "Know Your Worth" and "Day in the Life" stand out as my top-five favorites from Chaseon's discography, mostly based on their deep instrumentations and my personal rock-leaning music tastes. The former is an exceptional track that blends Chaseon's 90's-reminiscent rapping with a catchy and engaging melody, featuring funky saxophone and trumpet accompaniments. The song is an anthem for self-worth and self-love, with the lyrics encouraging listeners to truly value themselves. The latter, "Day in the Life," has a nostalgia-inducing electric guitar instrumentation and an engaging flow that grabs the listener's attention. The lyrics blend sentimentality with personal experiences, creating a relatable and profound listening experience.

    In conclusion, "Just Give Me Some Time[Apple Music] [TIDAL] is a fantastic double album that showcases Chaseon's range as a rapper, producer, and songwriter. Each track has its unique identity, and together they make a cohesive and diverse collection of songs that are both fun and deeply emotional. Chaseon has truly poured his heart and soul into this album, and it's evident in the quality of the music that's certain to delight fans of hip-hop and other genres alike. 

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