Submit Your Music


We do things a little differently here...

        Housician Magazine is a free online magazine that does not generate advertising revenue with banner ads or paywalls - we're just a team of local music writers with a deep respect for Houston musicians!

        Our ad-free and subscription-free distribution model allows us to focus on what really matters - promoting local artists and the music y'all create; however, our writers still deserve to be paid for their work. 

        But how can we do that without ads on our page?

Introducing Our Music Submission Rates:  

        Housician Magazine relies on a minimal fee for music submissions to compensate our staff. These fees are based on a more-than-fair rate of $10/hr for our writers' work.

  • Review and Spotlight My Music Video - $10
  • Review and Spotlight My Song - $15
  • Spotlight My Upcoming Concert - $15
  • Interview Me for Housician Magazine Interviews Podcast Series - $20
  • Review and Spotlight My EP (4-6 Songs) - $30
  • Review and Spotlight My Album/LP (6-12 Songs) - $40
  • Review and Spotlight My Upcoming Concert - $40

100% of each submission fee (before tax) will go to the staff member(s) who publishes your article/podcast episode and created your promotional graphic.

Paying a submission fee does NOT guarantee that your music will be covered. If we decide not to cover your submission, you will be notified and refunded within 10 business days. Our team decides on music coverage based on quality of production, content of lyrics, the music's/musician's connection to Houston/Texas, and the reviewing writer's connection to the music.

Depending on your submission, our work includes:

  • Listening to/watching and considering your submission
  • Following-up with our decision within 5 business days of your submission
  • Conducting an email interview (response required for article to be published)
  • Attending your concert/event (free press/photo credentials must be provided)
  • Writing a 500+ word review and spotlight about your submission
  • Researching, asking in-depth questions, and editing your podcast interview
  • Publishing your article within 15 business days of your interview response
  • Publishing your podcast episode within 15 business days of your interview
  • Creating a promotional graphic you can share on your platforms