Lagmind, Houston-Based Indie Rock Band, Laments of Comparing Success in Single “Everyone I Know”

“Everyone I Know” by local rock band Lagmind is a gripping and all-too relatable tale of “feeling like everyone around you is doing better in life,” featuring frontman Caleb Lowry’s solemn vocals uniquely & emotionally accompanied by James Trimble on violin. In this deeply personal and vulnerable track, “Everyone I Know” is an honest lesson of letting go of the negative thoughts that come from comparing your successes to those of others.

“I watch everyone I know work it out

They say I’m too stubborn to know how to work it out 

Everyone has a place to go 

It’s more than I know”

The single opens with Lowry’s somber singing backed by his own guitar as he laments of not fitting in and lacking a sense of belonging, with Johnny Jacobs’s steady drum rhythms later entering along with Gavin Hendershot's subdued bass riffs. Halfway through the first verse, Trimble comes in with his sobering violin to provide a full & open sound to this rock track.

“What is the feel of this, let go of what I saw

They are always around, I let them fall

‘Cus I like the feel of this, but only when I let go

Forget about the rest of what I know”

The tone of “Everyone I Know” changes slightly during the chorus, especially during the last repetition, as Trimble bows more brighter sounding notes along with Hendershot's dream-like bass refrains and Jacobs’ drumming crescendos, building up to a pensive musical climax. This single is not a story of jealousy or resentment towards others but rather depicts the dejection that comes from comparing yourself to others and the learned lesson of letting go of these thoughts.

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Lagmind is an indie rock band from Houston formed in 2013 under a different name with their debut EP “Either Way” released in 2014. Their first full-length album, “Attend,” was released June 17th, 2020. Current band lineup includes Caleb Lowry, Johnny Jacobs, Kevin Beery and Isabel Reyes.

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