Mega Mango Delivers a Juicy Set at The End in Houston

By Leslie Campos

Photo by Leslie Campos

In a small, dark, intimate, and grungy corner off past EaDo lies “The End”. The intimate venue is filled with kind staff and tagged walls. A comforting grungy-ness fills the space and allows the audience to be able to be and do whatever they want. After grabbing a drink from Gabz, the bartender, I explore the venue and enjoy the openness.

Then comes onto the stage, Mahoganie (at the time) (now, Midnight Thirty), and the start of their set begins with a small guitar riff. They get on stage and start going off like it's nothing, bringing back rock and roll in the best way. It's my first introduction to the band and I’m super impressed, the vocals are crazy, the instrumental skills to match, and a super cohesive sound. I had an initial thought that their music translates very well and I could totally see it on mainstream radio. They have seamless transitions between songs and their set can only be described as professional grade. Each and every song gives each artist a chance to shine. Their set include almost honky tonk/beachy rock songs to smooth and funky, sometimes even sexy. A clear picture of their hours of sweat and practice dedicated to their craft is evident in their performance through a sweet synergy. Listening to Midnight Thirty I can hear many references but it’s clear that what they have is something new and fresh. Their first time in Houston seemingly felt like it went off without a hitch. At various times throughout the set, I kept wishing I was just attending the concert and not covering it. It felt like every time I get bored with a riff or motif, they switch it up to something else, always finding a way of keeping the listener engaged.

Photo by Leslie Campos

            Halfway through their set, Midnight Thirty brings onto the stage a special guest, a young Dallasite with a major voice, Remy Reilly. Her voice, a raspy pleasure to the ears. Continuing her set, she sings and plays the keyboard, neither failing in quality. If by the first track i told myself, “wow I love her voice”, by the second I said, “damn, this girl can really sing”. I’d already grown fond of Midnighty Thirty but with the addition of Remy? It feels criminally underrated. After previewing their song that will be released on the 28th, “What Do You Know?”, their set comes to a calm and well received end.

            Next to the stage is Mega Mango, a nonbinary vocalist-fronted band with a second guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Setting up on stage they’re accompanied by a couple SquishMallows. “Boggle” plays, setting the precedent for the rest of the show. Once the first chord is struck, the entire crowd moves up to the front to be up close and personal.


    Blasting music and after an almost psychedelic guitar riff, the band then introduces themselves letting them know us know that it’s their first time in Houston. I enjoy how everyone is the group is super vocal when speaking between songs. Next comes “Undone”, a super chill track, one you can sway side to side to. Followed by a raw and sultry version of “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, which slowly turns into a rock song after the hook.


    Then Sam, the drummer, shares his story of how he used to be a fan of the band and after some time was actually able to join. He introduces the next song, which is his personal favorite, “You Spent All Your Love”. The song starts as something soft and heartfelt, slowly building into a strong rock ballad. All the while the guitarist spinning circles around everyone.



    With her whistling voice spread throughout the room, Mega Mango has moments of extreme pauses, and with this, they grab control of the whole room. Eventually we’re at the last song, and every person in the room, including the other band members, is singing along to every word. We get one final introduction and after they thrash on their instruments, Mega Mango sinks to the floor.

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