Local Musician Kyl0e Releases Debut Singles on Spotify & Apple Music Featuring Quirky Pandemic Tune, “Quarantine Shawty”

 “Quarantine Shawty” is among the catchiest COVID-era musical accomplishments featuring tongue-in-cheek lyrics by talented guitarist and vocalist, Kyl0e. For a song that benefits from not taking itself too seriously, Kyl0e’s first single on Spotify & Apple Music is a fun and upbeat track perfect for your pandemic playlist listening with references to Tiger King, Animal Crossing, and sharing memes.

Do you wanna be my quarantine shawty baby

Online lovers, social distancing- yeah!

Could we make out with each other through facetime

We'll be soul mates while staying insiiiide”


The track opens with Kyl0e’s catchy guitar refrain repeated throughout the song, leading up to the chorus featuring hypnotic melodies and charming falsetto hook. Despite the undeniable goofiness of “Quarantine Shawty,” the song is actually riveting throughout and makes for an enjoyable listening experience (but it makes for an even better song to shoot your shot with - find yourself your own Quarantine Shawty today!)


“Hey gorgeous I know you're watchin Tiger King

But take a second to look at this funny meme

Hahaha baby you accidently left me on read

But thats okay, cuz love means tears will be shed”


“Quarantine Shawty” is full of pop culture references that’ll surely serve as a musical time capsule decades from now. Other cultural callbacks include the line, “forget Snapchat, gimmie dat Dodo code,” which allows players in Animal Crossing to visit each other online. Three months after the single’s initial release, “Quarantine Shawty” isn’t so much outdated with these lines but rather serves as a lighthearted reminder of where we used to be as a nation regarding the ongoing pandemic. 

While COVID-19 is no laughing matter, Kyl0e released an utter bop with “Quarantine Shawty” that’ll have you laughing, dancing, singing (and maybe even crying) along to the music. We’re excited to hear the new music he’s got in store for us in the future!

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Kyl0e is a Houstonian singer and guitarist, debuting his first two tracks on Spotify & Apple Music with the songs “Quarantine Shawty” and Billie Eilish cover “Everything I Wanted” on May 8th, 2020. 

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