Brown Bag Special from Houston Releases Recording Debut with Hypnotizing New Single, “Matter Jam”

 “Matter Jam” is a remarkable first recorded single released by local indie rock band, Brown Bag Special. While the group was initially formed by four college guys jamming at the University of Houston, it wasn’t until the addition of Georgia Britt and her spellbinding vocals that the band’s full sound was made complete. 

“Matter Jam” is the product of Brown Bag Special’s most productive week to date, as it was written right before a gig and is among one of three new songs the band wrote that week. The song recounts a story of unrequited love and the fluttering emotions surrounding it, but if the lyrics appear abstract and don’t seem to make sense at first, don’t worry - this was intentional! 

“The lyrics don't make sense together, but that's ok because when you're falling head first for someone, things don't usually make much sense. We wanted to capture those random thoughts and feelings of uncertainty into a song.” 

The track opens with Nick Randall’s trance-like synths accompanied by Grant Peters’ groovy bass refrains and Allen Matthews’ psychedelic-sounding guitar strums. Travis Rasch fulfills the jam with his powerful drum entrance followed by Britt’s soothing melodies & self-backed harmonies. Throughout the song, Peters can be heard riffing off his own mellow bass lines to challenge the notion that bassists are only there for structural support. 

Halfway through the two minute mark, the entire band crescendos to a phenomenal musical climax in the song’s bridge with the lines, “Don’t wanna waste your time, I’m gonna waste your time here.” In my opinion, the last minute of this song is one of the best built-up and performed song moments and is enough to warrant playing this song on repeat at least ten times. 

“Matter Jam” is a beautiful piece of music, serving as an exciting debut for Brown Bag Special. If you loved this song like I did but wish you could hear more music from the band, check out the solo recordings from band members at their artist profiles: Pahque (Grant Peters), Sad Allen (Allen Matthews), Georgia Britt and Apoggi (Nick Randall)! 

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Brown Bag Special is a Houston-based rock band that has performed in acclaimed local venues such as White Oak Music Hall and Acadia Bar & Grill. Band members include Georgie Britt, Allen Mathew, Grant Peters, Nick Randall and Travis Rasch.

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